FTP Folder Error – Access Denied error message


Today I have come across this issue which you will get this error message when you try to access a FTP folder “Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access this folder.” I found this error happening only with the Internet explorer version 6.

There are two situation were you will encounter this problem:

1. When there is an FTP account which is saved by entering wrong Loging credentials

2. When you try to add one more FTP account and trying to access the account  you will get this error message. But in this case the first account credentials will be saved in that.

Let see how to fix this?

1. After getting this error click on OK.

2. Then Click on File menu and Click on Login as then enter the login information and if you require you can select the “Save password” option.

3. If you have second FTP account it is better you dont select the “Save password” option as it will throw this same error message if the login info is cached in the browser.

4. There is one more workaround which I found working and it is to upgrade the Internet explorer to version 7.

Note: I tried clearing the cache of IE 6 which didn’t help really but it worked in IE 7 after clearing the cache.

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